Resources & Links

Garden Reference Books


Growing the Midwest Garden by Edward Lyon


The Best Plants for Midwest Gardens by Laara K. Duggan

The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman


The Gardening Book for Ohio by Denny McKeown


Guide to Ohio Vegetable Gardening by James A. Fizzell


Best Garden Plants for Ohio by Debra Knape and Alison Beck


The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses: How to Grow and Use Over 250 Beautiful and Versatile Plants by John Greenlee


Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants by Douglas Tallamy


The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden by R. Darke and D. Tallamy


How Plants Work by Linda Chalker-Scott

Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates (published by EB-MUD; a fantastic general reference for drought-tolerant plants) 



Local (and some not-so-local) Gardens and Parks

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens - "A premier botanical landmark and cultural attraction featuring exceptional plant collections, seasonal art- and nature-based exhibitions, and a dynamic array of educational opportunities and special events for visitors of all ages." Nice gift shop!


OSU Chadwick Arboreteum & Learning Gardens - an extensive green reserve of over 60 acres located within the 1600 acres of The Ohio State University. Free and open year-round.


Columbus Park of Roses - Has more than 12,000 roses of more than 400 varieties. There are also herb and perennial gardens and display beds of annual plantings.


Inniswood Metro Gardens - 121 acres dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of nature’s treasures. More than 2000 species of plants, specialty collections, and several theme gardens.


The City of Columbus Parks & Rec Department - find local places to play, ride a bike, swim, and more.


The Gardens at Ganz Farm (Grove City) - three main gardens demonstrate a wide range of gardening styles: The Garden of Yesterday, The Garden of Today, and the Garden of Tomorrow.


The Dawes Arboretum (Newark) - has over 1800 acres of plant collections, gardens and natural areas.



Horticultural Education and Homesteading Skills

Columbus State Community College - offers professional training in landscape design, management, and horticulture.


The Ohio State University - offers numerous classes in agriculture, environmental science, landscape design and architecture.


Ohio Herb Education Center (Gahanna) - students study herbs and hands-on techniques from the culinary, wellness, and craft areas.


The OSU Ohioline Yard & Garden website - from trees and vegetables to insects to soil management, this website has a fact-sheet for everything in the garden.


Ohio Master Gardener program - offers intensive horticulture training to Ohio residents who then share that knowledge with the community via volunteer activities.


City Folk's Farm Shop - dedicated to assisting central Ohio home gardeners, livestock raisers, and homesteaders. Offers classes in beekeeping, cheesemaking, pickling, and more!


Backyard Chickens - raising chickens, coop-building ideas, and photos of different breeds.


Ohio State Beekeepers Association and Central Ohio Beekeepers Association - all things bees and honey.


Rodale Institute - learn how to grow all things organic!


Many garden nurseries, supply businesses, and local clubs offer classes (often free) on topics from irrigation to plant selection and everything in between. Some venues are better than others at updating their websites, so call around to see what’s on their events calendar.



Miscellaneous Useful Stuff

Gardener's Supply Company - slightly addictive website featuring every gardening product in the known universe, plus "How To" articles.


A.M. Leonard – for mail order only with good selection and quality. Everything from hand tools to greenhouse production. Headquartered in Ohio.


Midwest Native Plant Society - a non-profit organization of amateur and professional naturalists, teachers, researchers, gardeners, photographers and others. Our mission is to promote the importance of native plants and the wildlife that depend on them, within biologically diverse ecosystems and in our own home landscapes.


Tree and Plant Finder - want to identify a particular tree, or find a new one that would work in your backyard? Use this handy reference from the Morton Arboretum. Very useful!


Insect, Spider and Bug ID - scroll down to find the "bug finder" to ID insects.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology - only the most fantastic online bird reference in the US!


Our Water - Our World - managing home and garden pests with pesticide alternatives.


Iowa State University Entomology Department Bug Guide (ID that bug!)


Invasive Plants of the United States: Identification, Biology and Control (ID that weed!)


Pollinator-friendly Plant Guides, by eco-region - enter your zip code and get a printable plant list you can take to the garden center.



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