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Landscape Consultation

Sometimes all you need is a one-time visit to sort out your landscape issues. You'd be surprised at how much we can cover in a 90-minute consultation! Plant identification, bug and disease problems (and treatments), pruning questions, seasonal maintenance... even design issues or advice for DIY projects.

Garden Coaching Plans
Garden Coaching

I specialize in eco-friendly, low-maintenance garden techniques and solutions. Get your gardening questions answered and problems solved so you can have the healthy, vibrant landscape you’ve always wanted!

At our meeting, we assess your current landscape, skills, and tools. We’ll also discuss and clarify your goals and timeline. Then we dive right into learning new skills and techniques like soil amendment, plant installation, and shrub or tree pruning. When our meeting is over, you'll have a plan of action and resources to help you create a gorgeous garden.

Event Speaker /
Class Instructor

GARDEN CLASSES FILL SEATS! Are you looking for creative, fun, and educational ways to engage your employees, residents, students, or club members? I offer entertaining and informative presentations on topics related to gardening, sustainability, and the environment.

  • Encourage people to meet and interact over a common interest in home gardening and landscaping.

  • Provide a cost-effective way to create or enhance other  events!

Presentations are 45-60 minutes long. I’m also available to attend in-house COMPANY ECO-FAIRS, “DIVERSITY” DAYS, or FARMER’S MARKETS where I set up an “Ask the Garden Coach” table offering gardening info.

​Select topics include: Gardening for Pollinators; Container Gardening; Intro to Growing Fruits, Veggies, & Herbs; Backyard Biodiversity in Suburbia; Landscaping 101; Pruning 101; Network Like You Garden; and Garden Chemistry 101.

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Landscape Design
Blueline Drawings

Looking for a complete redesign of your landscape? If you're looking for a low-maintenance, eco-friendly yard, I can help. I create blueline drawings that include all the plants, materials, and dimensions spec'd out in detail. High-quality landscape plans provide a high-quality "action plan" for your yard renovation.

Aesthetic Pruning
of High-Value
Trees & Shrubs

Perhaps you need an occasional pruning of your prized Japanese maple tree, or your roses haven’t been blooming their best the past few years. I’m available for professional, knowledgeable pruning of trees and shrubs under 10 feet tall. High-value specimens may include Japanese maples, deciduous magnolias, flowering cherry or crabapples trees, fruit trees, hydrangeas, lilacs, roses, and vines. Please don't let your "mow-n-blow service ruin your valuable plants!

Tisa is a wonderful garden coach! We have an atrium, small side yard, and deck that were all a mess. She created a nice diagram of each area with suggestions for plants, a list of supplies needed, and a high-level list of steps to take.  We did the atrium recently and we LOVE it. I learned a lot just from listening to Tisa chat about plant “stuff.”  She's very patient and laid-back to work with. Highly recommended!


[Linda B.]


Give a gift with REAL VALUE. A landscape consultation or garden coaching session can provide MONTHS - if not YEARS - of pleasure-inducing beauty!

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