Top 10 Gifts for Gardeners

All gardeners love useful stuff for the yard but the LAST thing they need is a pair of cheap pruning snips, or a craptacular plastic yard “ornament” that’ll take 43,518 years to disintegrate, even when they accidentally bury it under the compost pile.

If you’re looking for quality gardening love, get them quality tools! Often the best garden gifts are the classics – basic agriculture hasn’t changed much in the past few thousand years. A garden gift doesn’t have to be glamorous to be completely fabulous – just durable and a joy to use.

The gifts below are what gardeners really want and need. Gardeners are a practical bunch; they’ll be impressed with your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

  1. Felco Bypass Hand Pruners with a leather holster. (Felco snips are the value standard for pruning snips. Avoid “anvil” type snips that do a great job of mangling plant stems.)

  2. Dramm water wand or adjustable hose nozzles. (Professional gardeners use these because they deliver water in a way that makes plants happy.) Water timers simplify life – just set ‘em and take care of other things.

  3. Reference books or magazine subscriptions. (Find out what the gardener really likes, be it flowers, veggies, xeriscaping, ponds, duck farming, etc.)

  4. Hand tools such as trowels, cultivators, and compost scoops. (Look for one-piece construction; Fiskars has quality construction matched by a lifetime warranty.) One of my can’t-live-without-it tools is the weed scraper-decapitator tool. Great for venting horticultural hostility!

  5. Garden gloves that fit the individual AND the job are worth every dime. Throw in some specialty hand lotion and garden soap for complete hand care. (Oddly enough, prissy Crabtree & Evelyn makes an excellent “gardeners” lotion that really soothes rough skin.)

  6. Birdhouses. (Remember that purely decorative houses = baby-bird snack dispensers; Audubon houses are more likely to attract long-term residents.) Also check out bat houses and bee habitats for offbeat gift ideas.

  7. Garden cart. (1001 uses. Really. And impressively big and ugly!)

  8. Flower seed balls. (I love the serendipity of flinging flower seeds­—encased in a compost ball—into otherwise difficult places to plant.)

  9. Gardeners apron. (Like a shop apron, it’s durable and great for keeping hands free for work.)

  10. Garden bucket caddy. (It’s like a denim jacket with lots of pockets for a 5-gallon bucket. Indispensable!)

FREE/Handmade/Cheap/Other Gift Ideas that are greatly appreciated by gardeners:

Tool rentals and the manpower to use it. Does your gardener need to rototill a new potato patch? Dig postholes? Cut sod to create a garden path? You can rent the equipment by the hour or by the day.

Root/start your own cuttings, divisions, or plant starts from existing plants. (Some plants are very easy to propagate, such as succulents and pelargoniums. Get extra points for putting the “new” plant in a pretty pot.)

Soil tests. (Your state university cooperative extension probably offers a scientific test for around $20; every gardener would LOVE to get one! Rapidest has pH and nutrient-deficiency tests for quickie home testing.)

Gift certificates from local nurseries or hardware stores. If you need to send a garden gift long-distance, consider using an online nursery to send rare plants or bulbs.

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