Autumn Bird Feeding and GIVEAWAY!

It’s time to thoroughly clean the hummingbird feeder and put it away until next spring. Meanwhile, it’s time to bring out the seed-filled bird feeder and stock it with fresh food. Some of our winter residents include cardinals, chickadees, wrens, and woodpeckers, and they need high-energy food like black-oil sunflower seeds and suet to fend off the cold. Hang your feeder near a window where you can enjoy the show while you enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Once the birds learn that you’re a dependable feeder, you’ll be rewarded with hours of avian activity throughout the snowy months ahead!

I have two "go-to" resources for bird information. Both have a great conservation angle:

  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology - "Our mission: To interpret and conserve the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds." Accurate, up-to-date info on birds and their importance to local biodiversity.

  • Wild Birds Unlimited - "We know birds. We know bird food. We know what you need to attract birds to your yard." Spend your $$ at a locally-owned WBU in Columbus!

FYI: I put my birdseed into a container (indoors - a plastic bin, or outdoors – in a galvanized bucket) so it stays pest-free and dry. Add a right-sized scoop and filling your feeders is a snap!


WIN a FREE one-year subscription to Birds & Blooms magazine! I'm giving away a subscription to this magazine because it offers good, basic birding advice combined with the plants you can use to attract native birds to your yard. It’s also jam-packed with tons of photos! From their website:

“Our magazine covers a wide range of topics such as attracting hummingbirds, building birdhouses, gardening for butterflies, feeding birds for less, growing veggies, tales of readers’ birding experiences, plus a whole lot more… [If] you want to attract birds to your back yard, gardening and landscaping are a great way to do it. And when a garden’s in bloom, adding the movement of colorful birds and their cheery songs makes a backyard come alive.”

To enter, simply find this post on the CGC Facebook page and tell me the name of your favorite bird! That's it - and just in time for holidays, we can assign it to a recipient of your choice. Please SHARE this post with your bird-loving and gardening friends!

Winner will be drawn at random from all entries received by midnight on 11/30/15. I'll notify the winner via Facebook Messenger as well as post it on the CGC Facebook page. One entry per person. Good Luck!!

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