Making “Messy” Look Good!

Just when I think the world is going to H-E-double hockey-sticks in a picnic basket, along comes a website like the Habitat Network, a Citizen Science between Cornell University and The Nature Conservancy. I stumbled across this website while linking to an article about natural landscape design.

Professional jealousy truth-telling moment… Making “Messy” Look Good! by Rhiannon Crain is the article I wish I’d written about how to incorporate more native plants and wildlife into suburban landscapes without upsetting the neighbors. Many have heard me speak about Backyard Biodiversity in classes or even your own yard during a consultation, but Ms. Crain pulled together all the design elements in one beautifully written, concise piece. Don’t be surprised if you hear me refer to this article again – and again – in the future!

From her introduction: “Native gardening has a reputation for not being tidy. We are here to tell you, you can have your natives and your neighbor’s approval too. What follows are some great “tricks” for making even the wildest yard look tame.”

Topics include Mow the Edges, Massing and Drifting, Line of Sight, Wildlife-Friendly Elements, Something Linear, and Err on the Side of Flowers. Go read the article and tell me what you think!

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