Network Like You Garden!

LOVE to garden? HATE to network for business or social reasons? LEARN from a fellow introvert (me!) how to "reframe" networking into a pleasurable experience that makes sense. I'm speaking at the Dames Bond event via Women's Business Center of Ohio this Thursday, 5/4 -- please join us for fun, snacks, discussion, and ... networking!

Network Like You Garden - Find Your Companion Plants, Cultivate Beneficial Allies, and Fertilize for the Future! Lessons from an Eco-Entrepreneur. SUCCESS in business and gardening are uniquely related. Both require planning (incl. acquiring tools, skills, etc.), commitment, and the ability to establish beneficial relationships. Learn how to become a confident, effective networker by using the garden to reframe your experience — and grow your client list! (RSVP please!) And NO, you don't have to be a gardener to attend!

Dames Bond -- Networking for Women

Women's Business Center of Ohio

1655 Old Leonard Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43219

Thursday, May 4th at 5:30-7 pm


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