If it's hot and humid, it must be July...

“WATER and WEED” is the theme for July! Everything is growing gangbusters, and the days have settled in a hot and humid rhythm here in Central Ohio. July 2017 temperatures are predicted to be “above average” throughout the northern half of the US.


  • KEEP PICKING (ripe fruits/veggies), PULLING (weeds), and PRUNING (summer-flowering shrubs and perennials.

  • WEEDS are a fact of life, and there’s no magic garden product that will ever replace the need to get down and pull that bad boy out by the roots! TIP: If you’re short on time but have a ton of flowering weeds, simply pull off the flower heads and dispose of them. No flowers = no weed seeds.

  • WATER PLANTS to keep them evenly moist and avoid problems. “Blossom-End Rot” in tomatoes is actually a calcium deficiency brought on by inconsistent watering. Solve your watering issue, and chances are you’ll have no more BER.

  • Finally -- if you grow milkweed (Asclepias sp.) for MONARCH CATERPILLARS, consider cutting back 20% of your plants now to generate new, fresh growth for August. Monarchs produce up to four successive generations of larvae, and the last ones always arrive to old, leathery milkweed leaves! Help that last generation prepare for their Mexican migration with tasty, new foliage.

Figure 1. And you thought YOU had weeds?

(There's a row of Swiss chard in there somewhere.)

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