What’s a Landscape Consultation?

At this time of year, more than half of my business comes from “landscape consultations.” What happens during a consultation at your home, and how might YOU benefit from one?

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  1. A new client contacts me via phone or email. You (the new client) usually have a specific issue or problem, a project idea, or you just want to learn how to take better care of your yard. Often it’s a mix of things; no two consultations are the same! We arrange a time to meet, and I ask you to prioritize your concerns so we make the best use of our 90-minute consultation time.

  2. I arrive at your home and we take a tour of the yard(s). You describe your concerns and desired solution(s). In turn, I explain what I see -- assets, liabilities, and potential ways to reach your desired outcome. Along the way, I can demonstrate quick lessons in basic gardening or pruning techniques, etc. based on your level of interest and gardening experience.

  3. We sit down to spread out books, look at websites, and draw out ideas for your landscape. Depending on the client, I may assemble a plant list for a specific range of plants, or we might discuss the steps involved in a larger design/renovation project. Perhaps I provide guidance on a DIY project such as raised beds, arbors, or growing edibles, or how to make a more senior citizen-friendly garden. This is where my 17 years of residential landscape design and professional gardening practice can help us get down to the nitty-gritty quickly.

  4. Ninety minutes passes very quickly! Fortunately, I’ve been making notes all along which I now give to you, with the reminder that you can ALWAYS call or email me with a quick question about gardening! In 2000, I earned a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design and I’ve been honored to work with gardener-clients ever since. I love my job, and I do my best to simplify complex topics and provide tools to make gardening less work AND more rewarding. My goal is to help you create the garden you really desire!

Are you ready to have a great landscape? Give me a call/text at 614-404-7236 or send me a note at tisa.watts@gmail.com, and let's get started TODAY!

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