Why YES, we DO have gardening tasks in February!

Keep Frozen Plants FROZEN. Plants are just fine under the snow. It’s not the cold that kills plants (usually), but rather the freeze-thaw-freeze cycle that destroys plant tissue. I bury my potted plants under a layer of leaves and tuck them into a shady corner for winter; the in-ground plants have plenty of leaves around their base too. I don’t prune back most of my perennials until early spring.

Build or Order a COMPOST BIN. Make 2018 the year you finally compost leaves and grass clippings instead of hauling giant paper bags to the curb. There are loads of easy DIY designs (including this silly 5-minute video of me making a leaf basket), or you can buy one.

WINTER PRUNING of Woody Shrubs and Trees. Not sure where to start? Did you know you can schedule a pruning lesson at YOUR home? I’ll teach you to prune like a pro, learning on your trees and shrubs, and we’ll make a good dent in your pruning chores while we’re at it. Trust me, lessons are FUN and a great investment. I’ve made thousands of dollars fixing other people’s pruning mistakes. Finally, if it’s all too much (and sometimes IT IS JUST TOO MUCH), call me to prune your plants. Bing-bang-done.

Don’t delay: Feb-March pruning appointments get booked up fast. (614) 404-7236 or tisa.watts@gmail.com.

Service the LAWN MOWER. If you didn’t do it for the past few years, get your engine serviced and the blades sharpened. Your lawn and Mother Earth will both tha

nk you, plus the lawnmower-repair dudes will appreciate the work.

PLAN Your 2018 Garden. Decide what you want to grow this year, where to plant it, and how you’re going to make it happen. A simple sketch on a piece of paper with notes can take you a looong way to reaching your goals. Still need help? Give me a call to schedule a garden consultation. We can throw around ideas, practice mad gardening skills, or discuss your DIY plans.


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